About Ink & Fold

Hello I'm Heather Holmes the designer and founder of Ink & Fold. I have produced a range of designs which are inspired by the British capacity for the eclectic. It’s my interpretation of traditional design with a contemporary twist.

My background is in commercial printed Textile Design for fashion and furnishings and I have always wanted to have a shop selling my own designs. So here it is - Ink & Fold is a collection of products showing my own hand drawn work.

If you want to see some of my paintings, please have a look at www.heatherholmes.co.uk

I started with a list of British things I wanted to work on, and ended up with three different collections


I live in the English countryside and am surrounded by inspiration. I began with a huge list of images emblematic of the countryside that I eventually narrowed down to fox, hare and duck. I combined these with my love of pattern and traditional design. Hand drawn retro inspired images layered with wild meadow flowers and hedgerows.


Well, we recently adopted a puppy, but I spent so long looking at different dog breeds that I had to get some of those shapes out of my head and onto paper - that's how we ended up with a whole set of designs with dogs - I hope you like them!


My ladies with dogs began with a few influences which combined together a page from a book on 17th century embroidery, a memory of a blackwork project and an affection for the charming style produced by sailors of scrimshaw artwork. The scratched images always have a naive but utterly charming appeal. They are a result of the days of the East India Company when design absorbed through trade images and design from around the world.

The ladies are an ode of sorts to those days of indulgence and through the drawing process they ended with names . Edonie, Patience (the lady by the sea), Rosamund (the grand one with the greyhound) and Grace (who wanders through fields and under grapevines).